Oil & Lubricants

Oil & Lubricants

Hamte Oil & Lubricants can be relied upon by private supplies of motor oils, industrial oils, oils for agriculture Machinery and marine oils, grease, and other related products, high quality at lower prices in the short period time. Confidence and the Service is always our goal, WE ARE HONORED TO SERVE YOU.

Machinery and mechanical equipment of all types require lubrication to protect their components from the detrimental effects of friction. These lubricants are tailored to the job that needs doing and as such, there are several types. Using the wrong product can damage your machinery and potentially void your warranty, so it’s good to know when to use grease and when use oils for lubrication. To help you know which lubricant is right for your business,  Honesty and integrity are our fundamental values. Rest assured that you can depend on our suppliers products and services to give you the best possible.

About Lubricants:

  • Diesel engine Oils Heavy Machinery,
  • Light Vehicle Engine Oils,

Transmission oils Automatic / Manual system, Industrial Oils, Hydraulic Oils, Gear Oils, Compressor Oils, Turbine Oils, Power Transformer Oils, Brake Fluids, Marine oils, Railways Engine Oils, Liquids for cooling, Grease. 

Specifications Followed:

  • Specifications of the American Petroleum Institute
  • US Military Specifications
  • US Federal Specifications
  • Society of Automotive Engineers and Lubrication
  • Most Engine Manufacturers
  • German Standards
  • British Standard Specifications
  • Specification Body Gallimaufry Standard
  • Japanese Standard.