We combine experience, commitment and knowledge to develop and implement major projects in many areas including commercial capabilities, oil and gas and energy spanning to project management (innovative and efficient power generation and power distribution solutions related to HV, MV and LV); Basic, conceptual and detailed engineering lifecycle solutions; Collection; traffic and logistics; Construction; the exams. commissioning and finally operation and maintenance.


We also provide construction and maintenance services to multidisciplinary sectors; We have a wide range of resources available to undertake any project, large or small, in addition to offering turnkey project customization systems and solutions.

Decades of achievement, talent, skilled workforce equipped with a wide range of tools and equipment and strong relationship with international consultants have made Hamti one of the prime contractors in the region.


Effective solutions for - 

  • Civil construction services
  • Oil and gas installations
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Residential and commercial buildings (low to luxury)
  • High buildings
  • industrial facilities
  • shopping centers